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Pensacola Beach Snorkeling Tours

Quick Details

Adults Ages 13+
Children Ages 12 & Under
Private Trip Up to 6 Passengers
Ride-Along Passenger For customers who want to ride along on the boat but not participate in the activity

Discover Pensacola Bay & Santa Rosa Sound

On this trip, we stop at one or two nearby snorkel spots in Pensacola Bay and Santa Rosa Sound. We snorkel in shallow water, about 3 – 4 feet deep. The captain and crew assist you with snorkel gear fitting and get in the water with you to show you how and where to snorkel. The trip includes snorkel gear and instruction.

For the beginner to the advanced snorkeler, there is plenty to see in the waters of the Pensacola Gulf Coast. While we do not have natural coral reefs as in the Caribbean and the Florida Keys, we do have our own special ecosystem, with a great diversity of fish and marine life. On most of our Pensacola Beach snorkel trips, we may encounter up to twenty species.